GO VENTURE CONSULTING seeks to be your mobile marketing & brand expert and serve as as an extension of your internal business team. Whether you are A DEVELOPER WITH A LEAN MARKETING TEAM or a BIG BRAND TRYING TO UNDERSTAND HOW MOBILE FITS INTO YOUR MARKETING AND PRODUCT STRATEGY, Go Venture can help you:

BUILD THE RIGHT MOBILE MARKETING STRATEGY for your goals, whether they include acquiring new users; building product/brand awareness, supporting a marketing promotion, or incorporating mobile alongside other channels in your marketing mix. 

NAVIGATE EVER-CHANGING APP STORE & MOBILE SEARCH DYNAMICS TO MAKE YOUR BRAND, MOBILE APP OR GAME STAND OUT. Develop the best positioning against competitors in iTunes, Google Play, Windows and other mobile app stores: optimize your brand, mobile app or game for how users search ; manage customer feedback, ratings and reviews; forecast the market for your mobile app; build visibility and awareness for your app; and implement organic user acquisition tactics. 

LEVERAGE PAID MOBILE AD NETWORKS AND TARGET THE RIGHT USERS TO GET THE BEST RESULTS & ROI BASED ON YOUR GOALS. Receive guidance on which mobile ad networks make sense based on your marketing goals - for example, when or how to use burst spending; incentivized or non-incentivized networks; or Facebook mobile advertising and re-targeting. If you're already using a mobile user acquisition agency, Go Venture can act as your internal product/brand marketing lead to work with your agency, product and developer teams to make sure that all of your brand and product marketing goals are aligned internally and externally.

DEVELOP MOBILE STRATEGIES TO ENGAGE AND RETAIN EXISTING USERS & BUILD VIRALITY FOR YOUR PRODUCT OR BRAND. Getting relevant users on your platform can be difficult on its own, but keeping them is another complex initiative. Go Venture has experience in building engagement, loyalty and referral programs to ensure users keep coming back so that you can better monetize them across multiple channels - mobile, online, or retail. We can also help you build important viral systems to leverage the brand loyalty you have built across your users' social graph to encourage existing users to invite high quality users to your brand/product/mobile app. 

INCREASE YOUR BRAND OR MOBILE FOOTPRINT THROUGH ALTERNATE DISTRIBUTION, FEATURING OPPORTUNITIES OR INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION. Go Venture can help you come up with a brand and mobile marketing strategy to gain additional visibility and take advantage of new markets. 

LEAN ON AN EXPERIENCED PRODUCT MARKETER TO MAKE SENSE OF YOUR DATA AND INFORM YOUR BUSINESS. Form relevant insights from all your data (e.g internal, Flurry, user acquisition, etc.) to figure out what your users are doing, how to better monetize them, and prioritize your product roadmap to ensure that you are evolving your brand and business with the needs and behaviors of your users. 

BUILD A MARKETING STRATEGY THAT USES MOBILE ALONG WITH TRADITIONAL CHANNELS TO DEVELOP A BRAND, NOT JUST AN APP. As the app marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, developers will have to learn how to go beyond user acquisition tactics to maintain longer term relevance with consumers. Go Venture can help you transition from building a mobile audience to building a viable brand with staying power.